We deliver the best mobile solution for you and your users. Tell us what you need, and consider it done!

Creativity is the basis of our works

We want to make the best app experience for you and your users. We find what suits your needs, and execute our ideas effectively and efficiently.

Your needs, our command

Just like your own private genie, we fulfill your needs and take them as the foundation of our implementation. With agile method, we do it fast, in the blink of an eye.

Great, complete products are our target

Perfection is impossible, but hey, we are the next best thing. We will stay with you until the end of the road, no delay. And with apps such ours, you will have no choice but to love them.

Two way communication

Nobody will be left behind, nobody will be in the dark. Proactive communication will always be carried out at all times.

  • mindtalk-image


    Windows Phone

    Mindtalk is an interest meet-up space where you can share everything about what you like inside a specific group. The…

  • super-Wifi-icon

    Indosat Super WiFi

    iOS, Windows Phone

    Smart Connection client for Indosat SuperWiFi.

  • socialplay_icon


    Windows Phone

    PLAY your favorite song SHARE it to twitter timeline. Interact with others then GET RANKED. SocialPlay is indeed a local…

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    Radya Labs is a mobile software development company, based in Bandung, Indonesia. We provide mobility solution to help organization transform their business and reach their customers

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